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Betnovate is a trade name of the active ingredient Betamethasone. It is an active synthetic corticosteroid (analog of the hormone of adrenal cortex) of the local action, giving a fast effect in cases of the inflammatory dermatosis (skin diseases).

This drug provides an anti-inflammatory local, anti-allergic, antiedematous and antiproliferative action. It has the stronger vasoconstrictive action than other glucocorticosteroids. It provides the stronger the narrowing of the blood vessels and reduces the blood circulation, and this stimulates less the development of the allergic reactions.

Betnovate cream is a rather safe drug by means of the local use. It is rather poor absorbed through the skin, so that it does not cause systemic effects.

Affecting the skin there is a prevention of the acentric accumulation of neutrophils, and it leads to the reduction of exudation, production of cytokines, inhibition of mugration of macrophages, leading to the reduction of the allergic and inflammatory processes.

Direction for the use:

  • atopic dermatitis
  • neurodermatitis
  • contact dermatitis (simple and allergic)
  • simple chronic lichen
  • hives
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • lichen acuminatus
  • erythema centrifugum

This drug may be used in combination with other steroidal peroral drugs for the additional efficiency. However, using Betnovate Cream in complex with other medicines it is necessary to study their interaction.

Betnovate Common Use

  • Betnovate Cream is applied externally to the affected parts of the skin and carefully rubbed.
  • The cream should be used 2-3 times a day depending on the form of the disease, level of the severity, and reaction of the body to the treatment
  • Do not apply much cream because it is not almost absorbed, and so the patient spends the part of the cream
  • After the application it is better to use the maintaining dosage and apply the drug once per day, before going to bed.
  • If necessary the occlusive dressings are used which are replaced every 24 hours (the dampening chamber causing loosening of the horny layer and faster penetration of the drug is created because of the evaporation of sweat and skin breathing)
  • In order to avoid the relapses of the disease it is necessary to use the cream for several days after the complete disappearance of the symptoms. This way it is possible to achieve the results.


  • Betnovate Cream is contraindicated in case of such skin diseases as skin tuberculosis, manifested skin symptoms of syphilis, tropic ulcer, and skin cancer.
  • Also, it is not recommended to use the cream during different infectious, viral, or fungal diseases of the skin, sarcoma, melanoma, and also acne. These skin diseases may relapse under the action of the drug and the patient may only worsen the condition.
  • The clinical studies of betamethasone have indicated that it is contraindicated to use the cream during pregnancy. As the drug almost is not absorbed through the skin there is a risk to harm the fetus
  • During the treatment it is necessary to refuse from the breast feeding and use the bottle feeding.

Possible Side effects

The side effects are expressed by the local skin reactions: burning, skin itching, steroidal acne, dry skin, folliculitis, and increased sweating.

Applying Betnovate Cream to big parts of the skin within a long period of the time the systemic side effects may appear. The gastrointestinal organs suffer most of all in these cases. Therefore, during the prolonged use of the drug it is necessary to be supervised by the doctor.

In case of the appearance of the side effects of the gastrointestinal tract or allergic reaction it is needed to terminate the use of the cream and consult a doctor. Maybe, you need to reduce the rate of the drug use, or temporarily terminate the treatment.


International name - Betamethasone

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