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Estrace Vaginal Cream is a hormonal remedy the active component of which is Estradiol. It is estrogenic steroid hormone produced in ovaries, placenta, adrenal cortex, peripheral tissues and testicles in men.

Estradiol is responsible for the development of the female reproductive organs and secondary sexual signs and influences on the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. It is considered as the main sexual hormone in women and is present in men in small amount. It is one of the main estrogens in nonpregnant women. If this hormone is not enough, there are changes in the female body which may bring menopause nearer and also break the menstrual cycle. Also, in case of the deficiency of estradiol the risk of the development of osteoporosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system is increased, and the development of the sexual signs of women is weakened.

Estrace Vaginal Cream is used to reduce the symptoms of menopause, treat amenorrhea, and restore the normal ovulation. Using this cream the hormone balance becomes normal and such symptoms of the menopause as flushes, fever feeling, high sweating, sleep disorder, atrophic processes of vagina and lower urinary tract become weaker and the course of menopause becomes easier.

In case of atrophy of the mucous membrane of the lower urinary tracts Estrace Vaginal Cream favors the regulation of epithelium of the urinary tract and recovery of the normal microflora and physiological pH in vagina.

This drug increases the resistance of the epithelial cells of the urinary tract to the infections and inflammatory. As a result, there is a reduction of such manifestations as painfulness during sexual intercourse, dryness, itching in vagina, probability of the appearance of the vaginal infections and infections of the urinary tracts.

Common Use

  • Estrace Vaginal Cream is applied before going to bed, intravaginally, with the help of the special applicator.
  • One application contains the daily dose of the cream.
  • Patients are prescribed one application per day within 3-4 weeks with the further gradual reduction of the dose relying on the symptom reduction.
  • The maintaining dose is 1 application once per two weeks
  • If the daily dose was missed, the missed dose should be used the same day as the patient remembers it. It is not recommended to use two doses per day.
  • Before using the cream and every 6 months of the hormonal therapy it is needed to have a careful medical and gynecological examination including breast examination.
  • Estrace Vaginal Cream is contraindicated in case of tumors of the breast, estrogendependent ,alignant tumors, genital bleedings, hyperplasia of endometrium, thrombosis of the deep veins, sharp diseases of the cardiovascular system/liver/kidneys
  • Estrace Vaginal Cream is contraindicated during pregnancy. In case of the appearance of the pregnancy during therapy the treatment should be immediately cancelled.
  • This hormonal remedy is not recommended to be prescribed in the period of the breast-feeding. Estradiol is excreted with the breast milk and may reduce the formation of the milk.
  • In the clinical practice it is not indicated the interaction between the drug Estrace Vaginal Cream with other medical products. Therefore, doctors allow the use of this drug with other medications. This will not lead to the dangerous side effects.

Possible Side effects

As in case of the use of any other drug which is applied to the area of the mucous membranes Estrace Vaginal Cream may sometimes cause local irritation or itching.

In the individual cases such reaction as increase of the breast, and their painfulness may be observed. These side effects are short-term and are not dangerous but at the same time they may indicate the necessity in the reduction of the daily dose. If the side effects appear, it is better to consult an attending doctor.


International name - estradiol

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How to apply vaginal cream?

1) Take the particular covering off the tubing of medication and additionally screw on the applicator.

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2) Squeeze the particular medication into the applicator slowly and gradually so that the plunger actually reaches the prescribed by doctors medication dosage way of measuring.

Take away the applicator from the tubing of medication.

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3) Lie on your back together with your knees bent. Keep the applicator in one hand.

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4)Put the particular applicator directly into your vagina (like tampon) so far as it is possible to.

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5) Slowly press the particular plunger right up until it quits. Take away the applicator. Wash the applicator.


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