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Mentax Cream

Mentax cream is a synthetic antimycotic agent, which helps to cope with various fungal skin diseases. The active ingredient Butenafine allows you to quickly inhibit the growth of fungal infections in different parts of your body, while relieving itching, burning, peeling and eliminating skin crevices that occur in fungal infections. Buy Mentax Cream over the counter and start an early treatment today.

Shingles is one of the most common foot diseases that occurs in athletes, people with excessive weight, weak immune response, and impaired blood flow in the lower extremities.

Indications for use

  • Mentax cream is prescribed for topical treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

    • mycotic foot infections (athlete's foot);
    • mycotic infections on the chest, back, and shoulders (shingles);
    • ringworm of the body;
    skin itching, caused by mycotic skin infections of various origins.

Dosing schedule and recommendations for use

  • Use the cream according to your doctor's recommendations. Adults and children over 12 years old, who have shingles, are recommended to use the cream 1 time per day for two weeks. To treat shingles in the interdigital area, Mentax should be applied twice per day during 7 days, or once per day during 4 weeks (depending on your doctor's recommendations).

    Mentax Cream works best, if it is applied daily at the same time.

    Recommendations for use:

    • Wash your hands and the affected skin area, wipe dry. This is necessary hygiene measure.
    • Squeeze a small amount of cream and gently spread it on the surface of the skin, where necessary.
    • Cover the surrounding zones near the affected area to prevent the spread of fungal infection.
    • Wash your hands and remove any remaining cream after application from the parts, which are not being treated.
    • Use Mentax Cream for as long as your doctor recommends it, even if the visible symptoms of the illness are no longer bothering you. Otherwise, the mycotic infection may return.
    • If you forgot to apply the cream on time, do it as soon as you remember, and continue to use it further according to the approved scheme of treatment.
    Please note: do not apply two or more doses of the cream, as this will not increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Exceeding the recommended dose can provoke side effects.


Do not use this cream, if you have hypersensibility to its main or auxiliary ingredients. Tell your doctor, if you have any allergic reactions to colorants, preservatives, or animals to avoid unfortunate side effects.

The medication is not intended for oral, intravaginal use or for ophthalmic purposes. Mentax Cream can only be used externally. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nose, nails, or scalp.

Use of Mentax Cream during pregnancy

Your doctor can define, whether you can use this cream during pregnancy and lactation. There is insufficient data about Mentax cream effect on the child or breast milk.