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Lamisil Cream is antifungal medical product which belongs to the pharmacological group of allylamines. The active component of the drug is Terbinafine. It is a very strong antifungal remedy which prevents the reproduction of fungi and quickly reduces the disease symptoms.

Lamisil Cream has a broad-spectrum antifungal action. It provides fungicide action as to dermatophyte, molds and some dimorphic fungi. The activity as to yeast fungi may be fungicide or fungistatic depending on their type. The fungicide action is conditioned by the fact that reaching the area of the fungous infection the drug provides a disinfecting action providing the destruction of the fungus cells. It helps to struggle with severe form of the fungous infections. The fungistatic action has the other mechanism. In case of some infections it is not necessary to destroy fungi. It is enough to slow down their metabolism and block the ability to be reproduced and developed.

This way, Lamisil Cream is a universal antifungal drug which is effectively and purposeful struggles with different types of fungi.

Terbinafine does not influence on the metabolism of the medical remedies including hormonal ones, and therefore, oftentimes, this drug is prescribed in combination with peroral antifungal medicines.

Direction for the use:

  • onychomycosis
  • mycosis of the skin and hair of the head
  • pityriasis versicolor
  • yeast infections of the skin, mainly caused by Candida
  • cornification, cracks, itching and peeling of the skin caused by foot fungi


Common Use

  • Lamisil Cream should be taken 1-2 times per day depending on the form and severity of the fungous infection. Before applying the cream it is necessary to clean and dry the affected places.
  • The cream is applied by the thin layer to the affected skin and adjoining parts, and I slightly rubbed. Do not rub the cream until the complete absorption into the skin. It is enough to make several light moves and leave the place. It is absorbed very well.
  • Applying the cream in places with intertrigo (under mammary glands, interfinger area, between buttocks, in inguinal area) these places may be covered with gauze after the application of the cream.
  • The average length of the Lamisil Cream use is 1-2 weeks. After the course of two weeks it is recommended to turn to a health care provides, have all analyses and make sure that the fungal infection is completely removed. Otherwise, the doctor will solve the question about the possibility of the second course of the treatment.


  • As Lamisil Cream has an ability to be absorbed in the skin there are some restrictions for the use of this drug in pregnant women and women in the period of the lactation. In the course of the studies there was no negative action of the drug to the fetus of the baby but doctors recommend using this remedy only under the strict supervision.
  • Children under 12 years old, in case of inhibition of bone marrow blood formation, tunour diseases, diseases of metabolism, and also individual intolerance of the active components of the drug Lamisil Cream use is contraindicated.

Possible Side effects

The side effects may appear in the areas of the cream application. The most probable reaction of the body will be: redness, feeling of itching or burning. These side reactions do not need the reversibility of the treatment and patient may use the drug further. Oftentimes, all reactions pass within several days and are not dangerous for the patient.

In case of the appearance of the allergic reactions (tumors, interminable itching, redness on the entire body) it is needed to terminate the use of the drug and see a physician.


International name - terbinafine

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